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Hair loss is an increasing phenomenon in this world of the modern era, jinxed with stress and lifestyle imbalances. Needless to mention that hair does play a vital role in enhancing someone’s personality. While it doesn’t disturb a few to go bald for a personal style quotient, it does bother for most who run after various treatments to fight against baldness. Many lose their hope after getting to know about the hefty and painful procedure they need to go through. For them we do have a solution where you don’t even need to get any cut, it’s the hair weaving in Bangalore, where our team of experts in this field performs non-surgical hair replacement therapy with the modern equipment’s to revitalize. They not only conceal your hair fall issue but also make the better hairdo by adding style, volume, and length to its real tresses.   

Hair Weaving in Bangalore
Hair Weaving in Bangalore


Hair weaving is a meticulous method to make use of human hair to adding, braiding, and weaving them to your natural hair. the added hair can be of human or synthetic. This technique mixes the natural hair with a custom made hair system for creating an illusion of undetectable of thick hair.


There is a various method carried out, out of which bonding, tracking, fusion, netting or net weaving and tree braiding are the extensively used one. All of them use natural and synthetic as well for hair extension.
1. BONDING - It’s the most used one where weaved hair is added to the natural hair, close to the balding scalp by using hair glue. It is famously called as the temporary weaving technique which adds volume or vibrant streaks of colour to the natural hair.
2. TRACKING - It’s the method of integration which involves braiding the natural hair into several tracks across the head. Few concentrated circles of braids are created and sewn. This hair weaving prepares the tracks with cornrows and braids are woven into these following the hair direction. The tracks work as the primary foundation for the hairs would look like. Wafts made from the human hair are then sewn into the braid.
3. FUSION- In this process hair extensions have adhered to individual strands of your natural hairs, which completely makes it unrecognizable if something got done. Here a machine is used to glue natural hair strands. There are two ways namely hot fusion and cold fusion but considering the risk of loss and skin burning, cold fusion has amassed popularity.
4. NET WEAVING – It’s the permanent technique of weaving, in which braiding od natural hair and enclosing of a thin film of the net on the braided hair is done, those are breathable net onto which hair extensions are woven.


Q. Is hair weaving a permanent solution?
A. Although hair weaving gives a permanent kind of texture to your hair, where you can run your day to day activity without any restrictions but you have to revisit our clinic once in a 6 month to get it retouched.
Q. How long it would take to complete the procedure?
A. As it’s a non-surgical method so giving respect to your precious time you will get it over within 2-3 hours, not more than that.
Q. Can I get it done somewhere else who is providing it in a cheaper price?
A. Yes you can but No you should not, that would be an injustice to your naturally beautiful hair which might get damaged with a wrong step, as it’s not the game of an inept. Here we at the hair world we take complete hair care from the hands of certified experts.
Q. How painful is this procedure?
A. As earlier mentioned it’s a non-surgical method so no need to afraid of cutting, stitching, or bleeding, it won’t induce any pain.

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